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Ludmila Steckelberg a.k.a. VahMirè, is a multidisciplinary Brazilian artist based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), Canada since 2009. She has a Bachelor’s in visual arts (UFG- Brazil), a Masters in Museology (UdM - Canada) and a Masters in Multimedia Arts Master at UQAM - Canada. She has been working in the field as an artist and curator for more then fifteen years now. Her work has been exhibited in Europe (Germany and Lithuania), Canada (Quebec province), China (Shanxi province) and in her own country since 2005. It has also been presented at several national and international publications and is part of private and public collections around the world. 


For some years now, VahMirè has been working with a series of old photographs in which she would manipulate the images using digital and physical interventions. She has also worked with installations, where she tried to capture a sense of identity, lost in the immigration process. Nowadays, she focuses her practice on photography, performance, video, and digital arts. Her aesthetics, at the crossroads between natural and supernatural, allows her to discuss presence and absence. VahMirè also approaches the question of identity blurring caused by geographical context shifts.


Lately her work has been addressing the contact and “appropriation” of the landscape, through strategies typical of the Brazilian Anthropophagic Movement, to create a subjective cartography of the city she lives in with the series Dé[faroucher] or (Un)wilding in English. Using photogrammetry - the capture of multiple photographs of a subject - Ludmila is creating 3D environments of places where she feels a sense of belonging. The amalgamation of these different zones will be translated to virtual reality, where visitors will be invited to experience Her Montreal.

Note: English is the langage chosen for this website having accessibility in mind. Even if I live in french Canadian territory right now, I want to be able to reach people from all over the world. Thank you for your understanding.

@ ludmila steckelberg, 2022

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